About Us

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It is our deepest desire that Living By Grace Ministries (LBGM) will be an entity that will touch the lives of many across the globe. Founded in 2002 by Pastor Michele Irby Johnson, Living By Grace Ministries is an outreach component that endeavors to minister salvation, healing and deliverance to those who are hurting, and those whose lives have been woven in pain, abuse and rejection. We seek to be an extension of Christ's ministry of help and healing through the vehicles preaching, teaching, outreach, counseling, and being a link to needed resources.

It is the prayer of the visionary that no man, woman or child goes lacking when there is an abundance of resources available to assist them in their time of need. The goal of Living By Grace Ministries is to see souls saved in spite of their economical, mental, physical or spiritual condition. Regardless of race, sex, nationality, age, or religion, LBGM seeks to see lives healed, restored and renewed through the redeeming love of Christ. As servants of God, we consider it an honor to extend the loving arms of grace to those whom the world has forsaken.

Living By Grace Ministries focuses on the truth that the grace of God has the power to restore, the fortitude to rebuild, and the compassion to mend the broken lives of those who are willing to surrender their imperfections, their faults, failures, and frailties to a God of love, a God Who longs to embrace them and make them whole in Him.

We fully believe in God, His Son, Jesus Christ and the Gift of the Holy Spirit. We stand firm on the Holy Bible and its precepts for holy living, love and forgiveness, sanctification and righteousness, redemption, reconciliation and restoration. With the Bible as our foundation, we strive to continue the work that Jesus started. As ministers of grace, we share our lives and testimonies . . . Living By Grace!

"...and His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain."

(1 Corinthians 15:10 KJV)